Event Astral is a video production company in Delhi-NCR, India, established in 2000, offering all-inclusive corporate videos, TV ads & product shoots, training videos, event managements.


In this competitive world, you might any time need a third eye, an extra set of brain to do the brainstorming and fetch the ideas for you, who has the complete technical know how of film production to Create Brand Promote Advertise Capture

while you are Involved Occupied Enjoying Working in another sphere.

We give life to your ideas. We give clarity and motion to your thoughts. We tell your story your way but with our uniqueness.

Why Event Astral?

Event Astral is a video production company in Delhi-NCR, India, specializing in pre- and post-production of corporate videos, creative and custom motion graphics. At Event Astral, our focus is making impactful results driven video.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industries and tell the story of your brand, promote your products, educate your audience, and more.

Creative, Innovative, Efficient and Cost Effective

Every video production project that Event Astral produces is intentionally designed to be creative, innovative, and efficient in its messaging. We do this through an understanding of the way audiences think, strategically structuring the content within each video, and by using creative techniques throughout the video production process such as the use of Professional Script, Voice Over and Custom Music.

We produce professional, engaging, and effective video

Video is one of the best ways to grab attention of audience and get your message across. Video makes it easy to connect on an emotional level but producing video that compels people to do something, isnโ€™t as easy as it sounds. A lot goes on behind the scenes to make an effective, high-quality video and we can handle it all, from pre-production to post. Our videos tell engaging stories by capturing great interviews and stunning images. We help companies to build their brand, promote their products, recruit top talent, and generate more money.

Our Video Production services scale for your needs

Our professional team has created the videos for clients of all sizes. Because every production is different, our video production services are completely scalable and focused on creating video content for your communications, marketing, and advertising needs. We work with clients from the ground up, from concept planning to execution and delivery.


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